Ultra-Thin and Compact Energy Storage Solution

EnerCera Coin

The Ideal Rechargeable Energy Storage Solution for IoT,
Industrial and Automotive Applications with High Heat Resistance that can be reflow soldering

EnerCera Coin

Issues to be solved

Have you ever faced issues such as

  • A compact power storage solution that maintains its charge state for long periods of time and can be used in the punishing conditions experienced by vehicle-mounted devices, factory equipment, and outdoor applications, and offers unimpaired capacity and output higher than 85℃ / 185℉.

  • Inability of batteries to withstand reflow soldering limits the cost reductions that are possible in manufacturing processes, because of the need to attach these batteries using a separate process.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries must be coupled to a Power Management IC and this causes obstacles to design simplification, cost reduction, and PCB miniaturization.

EnerCera Coin to the rescue!

EnerCera Coin features

  • A thin (as thin as 1mm) and compact rechargeable coin cell that can provide the power required by wireless communications applications with minimum voltage drop and withstand temperatures of up to 105℃ / 221℉

  • Reflow solderable to circuit boards for high mass-producibility

  • Does not require a charger IC and can be rapidly recharged at constant voltage/constant current

Key EnerCera Technologies

Key EnerCera Technologies

Lineup EnerCera Coin

Model Number ET2016C-R

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Appearance ET2016C-R ET2016C-H ET1210C-H
(Without terminals)
Φ20×1.8mm Φ20×1.6mm Φ12.5×1.1mm
Nominal Capacity
(2.7V charge)
25mAh 20mAh 4mAh
Nominal Voltage 2.3V
Charging Condition Constant Voltage (CV) charging (No current control required)
(Reference value)
Peak Discharge Current*1
60mA 45mA 20mA
Operation Temp -40℃~60℃ -20℃*2~105℃
【125℃ type under development】
Implementation specifications Reflow soldering unapplicable Reflow soldering applicable*3

IEC62133 certified
Contents may be changed without notice.

*1 Voltage drop is less than 0.5V with continuous discharge for 0.1 sec. (at 25℃)
*2 -40℃ to 105℃ for RTC backup applications.
*3 Recommended conditions Max.240℃ x 1 time Please contact us for details.