Ultra-Thin and Compact Energy Storage Solution

EnerCera Pouch

Rapid, Constant-Voltage Charging Now a Reality thanks to an Ultra-Slim Rechargeable Battery that Can be Bent more than 5000 Times*1

EnerCera Pouch

*1 Testing performed in accordance with ISO14443 Part 1: physical properties of smart cards

Issues to be solved

Have you ever faced issues such as

  • There is no compact and thin Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is powerful enough to drive wireless communication and yet light enough to be unobtrusive in wearable devices.

  • There is no readily mass-producible Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be hot-laminated.

  • There is no compact energy storage device which can efficiently store the minuscule currents yielded from energy harvesting and wireless recharging, can supply high power with little voltage drop, and can be used as maintenance-free power sources.

EnerCera Pouch to the rescue!

EnerCera Pouch features

  • EnerCera Pouch is an ultra-thin (0.45mm / 0.018inch), bend-resistant rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can be embedded into a credit card

  • It is also the first ever Lithium-ion battery able to withstand the hot lamination process used in smart card manufacture

  • EnerCera Pouch can be charged rapidly using contactless card readers

Key EnerCera Technologies

Key EnerCera Technologies

Lineup EnerCera Pouch

Model Number EC382704P-T

Coming soon!

EC382504P-P EC382704P-C EC382204P-C EC302304P-C EC382704P-H ET271704P-H
Appearance EC382704P-T EC382504P-P EC382704P-C EC382204P-C EC302304P-C EC382704P-H ET271704P-H
(Without terminals)
38×27mm 38×25mm 38×27mm 38×22mm 30×23mm 38×27mm 27×17mm
Thickness 0.45mm
Nominal Capacity
(Charging Voltage)
27mAh (4.3V)
24mAh (4.2V)
20mAh (4.2V) 27mAh (4.3V)
24mAh (4.2V)
20mAh (4.3V)
18mAh (4.2V)
15mAh (4.3V)
14mAh (4.2V)
20mAh (4.2V) 5mAh (2.7V)
Nominal Voltage 3.8V 2.3V
Charging Condition Constant current (CC) - Constant Voltage (CV) charging CV charging
(Reference value)
Peak Discharge Current*2
560mA 500mA 260mA 200mA 130mA 130mA 100mA
Bendability Conforming to ISO 14443-1 standard
No deterioration after bending and torsion tests
Operation Temp Discharge:-20℃〜45℃ (Charge:0℃〜45℃) Discharge:
Heatproof Temp
(in process)
80℃ 135℃
Features High Power High Capacity High heat resistance Fast charging*3

IEC62133 certified
Contents may be changed without notice.

*2 Voltage drop is less than 0.5V with continuous discharge for 0.1 sec. (at 25℃)
*3 Can be charged from 0% to 80% capacity in 14min.